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The Money Mindful podcast will help you transform your relationship with money and yourself. You can expect to learn about money mindset, how to make your goals as good as done, mental fitness, and self-love.

Hi there! I’m your host Meaghan Jean Smith; a Money Mindset and Certified Life Coach. I help women transform their relationship to money and achieve their money & life goals so they can life a glorious, magnificent, delicious, awesome life.

Tune in to up-level your money mindset, let go of your limiting beliefs about money & yourself and create a life you love.

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175 How To Get Over Your Fear Of Marketing with Marketing Coach & Mentor Mia Carter podcast May 14, 2024

So many business owners are afraid of marketing and sales because marketing means putting yourself out there and showing up! 

If this is you, I’ve got you.

Marketing expert Mia Carter...

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174 My Biggest Money Mistake and How You Can Avoid It podcast May 07, 2024

Today on the Money Mindful podcast, I'm getting deep into a topic that's close to my heart: my biggest money mistake and how you can sidestep it.

Let's get real about my big money mistake.


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173 Your Priceless Life podcast Apr 30, 2024

Beyond the chase for wealth lies the real juice of life – priceless moments.

Today, I’m diving deep into the concept of living a PRICELESS LIFE beyond the pursuit of money.


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172 Hello Old Friend, I'm Back On Air podcast Apr 23, 2024

Hey there, it's Meaghan, and guess what? I'm back on air with a vengeance!

Ready to shake up your world and supercharge your money mindset?

After a too-long hiatus, I'm thrilled to reconnect with...

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