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The 1:1 coaching program for women who want to transform their money mindset and achieve their life goals.

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Creating the money & life you want can feel impossible

When you don't know how to get started or have a clear path to follow, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or stuck.

On top of that, navigating a great relationship with money can be challenging at any income level.

One minute you can feel shame & worried about not having enough or dealing with debt and the next you can feel greedy or guilty for having or wanting more!

Can I give you some comfort?

The truth is, creating your big, delicious goals can be really challenging and it's totally normal to have a less than ideal relationship with money. 

Most of us have never learnt how to have a great relationship with money. 

You are not alone.

Creating your money & life goals and having an amazing relationship with money is a learnable skill.

I can teach you how.

As a certified life coach I teach & coach you using proven mindset tools that have helped thousands of women just like you to create a life you love.


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Imagine how much more time, money and freedom you would have in your life if... 


You had clarity on exactly what dreams and goals you wanted to create and had a clear process to follow to create them.

You never had to struggle on your own again.  You had a safe space to process ideas, overcome obstacles and 1:1 support to make it happen.   

You had simple tools to effectively shift you out of self doubt so you felt self-assured and knew how to be confident in your decisions.

You knew how to really have your own back and always feel proud of what you achieved.

You had an amazing relationship with money. 

You knew exactly what you wanted to do with it, how to take care of it, and create more of it.  


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I see you... 

I know what it's like to constantly feel like you don't have enough, you're not doing enough or worse still you are not good enough. 

It doesn't have to be like this, there is another way.

You are never wrong for wanting what YOU want, and you don't have to change who you are to get it.   

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Client Testimonial

"I had a lot of scarcity around money. I had some pretty limiting beliefs about myself and my ability to create success in my business and in my personal life.


I was shocked at how quickly Meaghan helped me to turn around my money mindset beliefs.

When I came to her, I just had all these beliefs that I didn't have enough money, and I couldn't do the things I wanted to do, because money was such a problem.

Now I feel like I have a much more abundant money mindset. 


Since working with her, I've been able to sign a client every month, and she helped me to raise my prices to my goal number."


Heather Flake, Marriage Mindset Coach, Arizona, USA

At the end of our 6 months together, you will walk away with...

  • A new and amazing relationship with money.

  • Knowing how to create any goal from an idea in your head to a tangible result.

  • Practical and actionable mindset tools and concepts that you can apply to change how you think and help you create the money & life you want.

  • Knowing how to shift from scarcity to abundance mindset and have more abundance in your life.

  • Practical tools to reduce debt, save and increase the money you have in your life.

  • More confidence and trust in yourself to accomplish and achieve those wonderful dreams of yours.

 Client Testimonial

"I have redefined what self confidence means, which has me taking more risks and saying yes to more opportunities and dreaming bigger.  I know I can set big goals, and be there for myself."

Catherine, Sydney, Australia 


Transforming your money mindset and living a life you love is totally available to you!

1. Schedule a consultation

Let's meet so I can learn about you and what you need, and find out together if we are an amazing fit to work together.


2. Create a plan 

Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals and I teach you the 4 pillars to creating the money & life that you want.

3. Get results

Receive 6 months 1:1 high level support to transform your money mindset and achieve the life changing results you want in your life.

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 Client Testimonial

I came to coaching, basically to become my own friend.     
I was so hard on myself, and so unfulfilled and unsatisfied in life, and coaching has changed that.
Now my business is busier than ever.
I couldn't be happier.
My relationships with my husband and my children are so good.
My relationship with myself is great.
And I just get so much more done effortlessly.


Tara Larnach, Chief Escape Artist,

Simpson Cottage, Sydney, Australia

Here is what is included inside the program

  • Weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls

  • 20 calls over 6 months with plenty of space & flexibility to fit into your busy life

  • Daily access to me via private communication to ask questions or get support between calls Monday - Friday

  • Recordings of our Zoom sessions, workbooks, exercises & materials to support you creating your goals

  • 24/7 access to the CLIENT PORTAL resource library containing all my on demand video trainings on the 4 pillars to reach your money & life goals and guest workshops

  • A safe and non-judgemental space to get the support you need to create your money & life goals so you can love your life and love being you!

Client Case Studies

Hear directly from my clients- what it is like to work with me and what results you can expect

Learn how Emily doubled her income in 6 months by working half as much.
Emily Pike, Interior design & home staging,
Toronto, Canada


Hear how Kerstyn was able to pay off thousands in debt in only 3 months after learning how to shift her money mindset.
Kerstyn Walsh, Director at Hire a Bridesmaid,
Sydney, Australia

Still wondering if 1:1 coaching is what you need? I get it.  




I know you are the kind of person who wants to have a great relationship with money and live a life you love. 

In order to do that you need to know how to manage your mind, up-level your money mindset and have your own back so you can take courageous action to create a life you love.

The problem is, most of us have never been taught how to do this. Every time you think about taking action on your goals, you find yourself holding back. Self doubt pops up and you find another reason to put it off.

That's why I teach my clients the 4 pillars to create their money and life goals so you have everything you need to create your unique goals and live a glorious, magnificent, delicious, awesome life. And... love being you. 


If you are ready to create the money & life you really want, I would love to support you.

Having a consultation call allows us to get to know each other and find out together if we are a great fit before you make a 6 month commitment.

You can ask me questions, and I will have the opportunity to learn more about you and your goals.

If I know you are an amazing fit for my program I will invite you to work with me.  If not, at the very least, after an hour with me, you will walk away with so much more clarity on your goals and what you need to do to achieve them.


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