Well hello there!  I'm Meaghan.


I'm a Money Mindset & Life Coach for women.  I help you change your relationship with money and yourself, so you can create your unique money & life goals and live a glorious, magnificent, delicious, awesome life. 

And... Love being You.

I am the creator & host of the Money Mindful podcast, with over 100,000 downloads!!

The podcast helps women all over the globe transform their relationship with money and themselves so they can reach their money goals and feel amazing.

I work exclusively and privately with women in my 1:1 coaching program.

I'm certified through The Life Coach School (you know the one? The best coaching school in the world). 

I live in Sydney with my partner in crime, my two glorious daughters and my fur baby Dasher.

I'm an expert in helping you transform your money mindset, so you can achieve your money and life goals because this is exactly what I have done.


Oh la la, I want to work with you

So how did we get here? 


I struggled with money and always felt like I didn't have enough.

I learnt everything I know about managing money, and creating wealth through investing in shares and property out of fear and scarcity. I was afraid of not having enough or being able to look after myself.

I was very driven to learn how to manage my money so I would have enough to take care of myself.

The problem was though, even when I did create financial investments for my future, I still felt so much worry and stress around money.

I believed if I had enough money I would magically feel happier, safe and have more fun in my life.

It was only then that I started to realise, hang on a minute, this is a mindset thing.

I could earn a million dollars and still feel like I don't have enough if I don't change my relationship with money.

I also realised that despite creating many of my money & life goals I was still being really judgemental and mean to myself.  I was creating what I wanted but I still wasn't loving being me.

So my journey has really been to overcome my limiting beliefs, by improving my relationship with money.... and more importantly, with myself.

Over the past few years, though coaching and mindset work, I have completely changed my life.

I've really lived this journey, transforming my money mindset, learning to love being me and really living my best life.  So when you work with me I can confidently help you from first hand experience.

I have transformed from being a stay at home mum working part time as a primary teacher, feeling trapped in a life that wasn't horrible but it wasn't meeting my needs- I didn't feel joy in my day to day life.

To diving head first into building a life that I love and love being me.

I created and host the Money Mindful podcast and created a profitable coaching business in my first year. I then went on to double my income in the second year.

But the best part has really been becoming more me.  Knowing what I want and trusting that I am worthy of having it.  

When you truely love who you are and become your own best friend this is the secret sauce key to the universe.  

This is why women at all income levels want to work with me because it doesn't matter how much money you have, we can all have icky money stuff to work through. 

 Client Testimonial

"Making the decision to be coached by Meaghan has been one of the best experiences I could have ever gifted myself.

Meaghan helped me achieve a goal in six-months that I had been unable to achieve on my own in seven years of ‘trying everything’.

Meaghan guided me through every session with her calm, warm and genuine presence, while also being the neutral party that I needed to bring perspective to my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I’m so thankful that I chose to invest in myself and work with Meaghan. If anyone is thinking about coaching with Meaghan I would say go for it, she might just change your life!"


Erin, Gold Coast, Australia

Would you like my support to achieve your glorious money & life goals? 

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1. Free Mini Course

Learn the skill to create any money or life goal.

You will learn the exact process to create any goal so you can have the money and life that you want.



2. Money Mindful Podcast

The Money Mindful podcast will help you transform your relationship with yourself and money.

You can expect to learn about mental fitness, how to make your goals as good as donemoney mindset, and self-love.


3. 1:1 Coaching

Work with me privately in my premium 6 months coaching program. 

Receive high level personal support, that is tailored just for you, so you can achieve your money and life goals with love, joy and ease! 


 Client Testimonial

Hear how uncovering her money blocks helped my client create a podcast and a new business in only 3 months!

Michelle Kevill, Sydney, Australia

 Client Testimonial

"It's been an amazing decision. Because it has changed the way I think. It has fundamentally shifted the way I think about work, the way I think about relationships, the way I think about myself. It is transformational. Now I show up in a different way, in a more positive way."

Rachel Turner
 Director of global, strategy & integrations, Alberta, Canada


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