174 My Biggest Money Mistake and How You Can Avoid It

May 07, 2024

Today on the Money Mindful podcast, I'm getting deep into a topic that's close to my heart: my biggest money mistake and how you can sidestep it.

Let's get real about my big money mistake.

Last year was a rollercoaster, and the biggest pothole? 

Putting money above my health. 

Yep, I fell into that trap, and it took a HUGE toll on my mental and physical well-being.

I know I'm not alone in this struggle. 

Many of us hustle hard, prioritising our income over our health. 

But it's time to break that cycle. 

On the podcast I’m sharing:

  • Some common warning signs
  • The key to turning things around
  •  What the game-changer was for me
  • How to create that balance between the hard work to achieve your goals and the nurturing required to maintain your health and well-being.

Remember, health is wealth. Without your health, you've got nothing. 

So, prioritise yourself, and tune into the podcast today to hear all my golden nuggets so you can benefit from my mistakes!

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